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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  May 10, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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pressure and this weather front pushing northward is bringing cloud and outbreaks of rain. >> good day. i'm luke russert in washington in for andrea mitchell. in our daily fix, it's a water shed moment for american politics and the country. the president reversed himself from his position in 2004, and said his personal, quote, evolution on gay marriage equality is complete. >> for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. there have been time michelle and i are sitting around the dinner table talking, and about their friends and their parents, and malia and sasha, it wouldn't dawn on them that somehow their friends' parents would be treated differently. it doesn't make sense to them. and frankly, that's the kind of thing that prompts a change of
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perspective. >> chris is an msnbc contributor and he joins me now. chris, i want to examine this. this is quite reversal from president obama from 2004. back then he said this during a radio interview. quote, i'm a christian, and so although i try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views i do believe that tradition and my religious beliefs says that marriage is sanctified between a man and woman. he also said this in october of 2004. let's take a listen. >> what i believe in my faith is that a man and a woman, when they get married, are performing something before god. we have a set of traditions in place that i think need to be preserved but i also think that we have to make sure that gays and lesbians have the same set of basic rights that are in
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place. >> eight years later a total evolution or quite a significant flip, huh? >> yeah. the issue, luke, i think is how you take this depends on how you view the president. if you tend to like the president, you're going to cast this as kind of a principled evolution over time that as he thought more about the issue, as he talked with his family, as he talked with his kids as he mentioned in the robin roberts interview, he came to the conclusion his past views were out of step with what he believes. if you are not favorably inclined to the president hey look, this is a guy who is playing to his base, particularly his donor base. look, gay donors are a huge part of the democratic donor base. president obama is headed to hollywood tonight. he needs that money certainly to run and win. so, i think a principled decision flip-flop is all in the eye of the partisan beholder, i
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think. >> fix rachel who works for you said that foes of gay marriage are 32-0 on initiatives since 1998. let's look at some of the swing states opposed to gay marriage. colorado, florida, nevada, ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, north carolina, a lot of those states that president obama needs. how will this play out in those battlegrounds? >> you know. you mentioned north carolina. we had a vote less than 24 hours before president obama came out and supported same-sex marriage we had a vote in north carolina that would ban same-sex marriage, say that the only legal recognizable union in the state is between a man and woman. that's a swing state. not only a swing state of course it's the state that the democratic national convention will be in in a few months time. and the obama team picked that because they know north carolina is a swing state and they want to emphasize it. so, you know, it's an interesting dichotomy. if you look nationally, luke, polling would suggest that legalization of gay marriage, support for legalization of gay
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marriage is rising rapidly. if you look state by state, though, there's a disconnect. as you point out 32 times since 1998 it's been on the ballot. 32 times it's failed the folks trying to get gay marriage legalized. so that tells you something. there is a disconnect. we're still trying to figure out why it is. but this is not a slam dunk issue for the president. >> not at all. popular in new york, l.a., chicago, miami, maybe not so much in the heartland swing districts. going to be fascinating to see. thanks so much, my friend. >> thank you. obama's announcement came a day after north carolina, a 2012 battleground as chris was saying, became the 30th state to ban gay marriage. another nine ban it by law. african-americans who remain among the president's strongest supporters voted 2-1 in favor of that amendment in north carolina. newark mayor cory booker joins me now. mayor book e thanks for being on the program. >> great to be here.
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thanks, luke. >> an historic announcement from president obama yesterday, last afternoon. where do you put it in the confines as the african-american community? as we well know in north carolina, 2-1 a lot of african-american ministers came out against this. we've seen that in maryland, here in washington, d.c. how does this play within the african-american community and could president obama lose some african-american voters? >> i don't claim to speak for all blacks any more than you speak for all whites. at the end of the day this is a president who has stood before the nation and said i believe in equality for all americans, won't be second class citizenship. in the black community like in the white community there is a lot of controversy over this issue. on a personal level, someone who has benefitted from the expansion of freedoms and liberties in this nation with a long history of having to fight for equal rights in this country, as an african-american i know that at the end of the day you cannot fight for the equality of yourself if you're
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not willing to fight for the equality of others. and so on a very fundamental moral level you either believe in equality under the law for all americans or you do not believe in equality under the law for all americans. president barack obama has stood up and said i believe in equality for all americans. this is going to be an interesting election because mitt romney now says i believe in denying equal protections under the law to a class of citizens in the united states, based upon sexual orientation. so, we have a stark choice, whether you are black, white, asian, latino, a very stark choice now. >> the president, though, did leave some wiggle room saying this could be decided by the states. let's take a listen to that. >> i continue to believe that this is an issue that is going to be worked out at the local level because historically this has not been a federal issue. i think it's important to recognize that folks who feel very strongly that marriage should be defined narrowly as between a man and a woman, many
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of them are not coming at it from a mean-spirited perspective. a bunch of them are friends of mine. >> so he does leave himself wiggle room saying the state should be free to decide by themselves. >> i don't interpret it that way. obviously this is a state issue. my state our legislature approved gay marriage, the governor has now vetoed it. there are state issues here but this is a president who before even this announcement showed tremendous courage in the eroding discrimination on the federal level from not enforcing doma challenges, from ending don't ask don't tell, from extending benefits equally to gay and lesbians as well as others who are federal employees, for saying that anybody who is taking medicaid and medicare in hospitals can't deny visitation rights from same sex partners so. there are over 1,000 laws now in this nation that discriminate, federal laws, whether they are social security and others, this is a president who obviously understands how things
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work at the state laws but he has been courageously moving to end discrimination on a federal level. >> in 1958 two dozen states outlawed interracial marriage. at what point does gay marriage become the federal issue? >> that's the point. exactly the point. we have state moves and federal moves. my hope is what we've seen from obama in his first term, slowly eroding the discrimination on the federal level, at some point we say, remember that was decided by the courts, the supreme court, but at some point we say as a nation we reject second class citizenship for anybody based on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. i believe as king says the arc of the universe is long but bends toward justice. this will be a federal issue and state issue that will right this historic long. >> have you going to get mayor bloomberg's endorsement for the president? >> excuse me? is obama going to get mayor bloomberg's? >> are you going to secure it for him?
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>> mayor bloomberg is my mentor. gave me the best political life. before you become a mayor become a billionaire. so mayor bloomberg is one of the great americans. i hope he continues in politics and i think when it comes to a lot of the issues, seeing how much he praised president obama's statement yesterday, i think i'm hoping that mayor bloomberg comes out. but i have very little sway over a very determined man. >> mayor cory booker, good luck to your devils unless they play the capitals. take care. >> mitt romney's position on gay marriage may fit with older republicans but what about the newest generation of gop voters? alex schreiber is the chair of the college republican national committee and with the romney campaign and joins me now. thank you for being here. >> absolutely. >> let's show up a poll of same-sex marriage among young adults, in 2009, support was 47% opposed, 43%. and in 2012, march, 57%
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supported it, 33% oppose it. yet your guy is actively opposing it. how much you think this hurts among younger voters? >> you have president obama following his vice president, the nationals have a winning record. the capitals go to game seven. crazy things are happening in washington, d.c. at the end of the day this is a distraction. president obama went around the country last week trying to gain youth votes talking about student loan interest rates. when the house republicans put forth a plan he said i'm going to veto that. this is pandering to the base when he knows that three quarters are voting on economic issues. that's what this election is about. young people are going in november worried about 18% youth unemployment, a trillion dollars in student loan debt. this is a distraction to his record. >> you hope that the youth turnout is suppressed. will that not be beneficial? >> not at all. i hi you'll see young voters, 8 million young voters have come of age since 2008. 18, 19-year-olds who saw their
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older brothers and sisters get caught up in the hope and change. 3 1/2 years later not better off. we're confident we can get those as well as the disillusioned and dissatisfied obama voters, have a strong youth turnout to support governor romney and other republican candidates. >> i work on capitol hill. if the you talk to a lot of republicans, younger ones, they're all with the president on this behind the scenes. would you say most young republicans when they are not asked on a television program would probably say they are okay with gay marriage? >> i don't think so. >> you think they are actively opposed to gay marriage? >> i think they have a wide variety of views. our organizations that 250,000 members across the country. what binds us as young republicans are economic beliefs that this president has failed young voters on those issues which is most important to young voters. >> i want to talk abouten a issue that came up. "the washington post" did an article, mitt romney admitted that he did some bullying when he was in high school. he apologized for it today. let's take a listen to that.
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sorry. i'll read it. back in high school i did some dumb things and if anybody was hurt by that or offended obviously i apologize for that. i participated in a lot of pranks during high school. some might have gone too far and for that i apologize. when you sort of see this national movement against bullying does mitt romney have to do more about his bullying past or chalk that up to being young and dumb? >> this happened nearly five decades ago. 48 years ago. governor romney could recall. he went on to say after serving on his mission and meeting ann he is a changed person and governor romney is a man of faith. this is not reflective of who he is or who he was. i think he was young, we've all dung thi done things in the past. at the end of the day this is a temporary media distraction and with sort of questionable times and we'll move forward and move
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on. it won't be an issue. >> in terms of the gay marriage debate. do you think that young people see it as a partisan political issue or civil rights issue? >> i this it's a political issue. the left tries to frame this as an issue on rights but governor romney and other supported domestic partnership rights. you see the left run with that and say civil unions are same-sex marriages. the fact of the mat ser that 36 states and north carolina yesterday have had the opportunity to put this to the voters and said no. and governor romney does not support same-sex marriage and young conservatives and republicans are going to rally behind him and his other views. >> you see the party platform changing the next six to eight years. >> i don't. >> we'll have you back in eight years and see if it's still there. thanksor being here. >> up next, where does the president's support of same-sex marriage make him most vulnerable and where does it help? still ahead, republicans respond with swift action on the hill. i take insulin,
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president obama's announcement on same-sex marriage came as a bit of a surprise but his change of heart may have been due to pressure from a familiar face. the vice president's comments on "meet the press" many believe are the catalyst for when the president made his views public. ed rendell, former governor of pennsylvania and political analyst and joins me now. thank you for being on the program. >> my pleasure. >> i want to play a clip from the interview with abc yesterday where the president said how joe biden brought this on a little quicker. >> i had already made a decision that we were going to try to take this position before the election, and before the convention.
1:18 pm
he probably got out a little bit but out of generosity of spirit. would i preferred to have done this in my own way, in my own terms, without i think there being a lot of notice to everybody, sure. >> governor rendell, you know joe biden very well for a long, long time. how much influence does he have within the obama white house on social policy? he essentially did this himself, forced the president's hand. >> well, i think joe's been a very influential vice president across the board. sometimes he argues for a point of view that loses like in afghanistan, and i for one think that had we followed joe's advice we ved have been better off. and here joe was being joe. i think the president said it very well. it's out of a generosity of spirit. joe wants people to do the
1:19 pm
things that they need to do. he wants us to be kind to each other. i think he said it. probably wasn't thinking about the fact that the president was going to make a statement about it down the road and wanted to do it in his own time. i think it came out well. i think the fact that the president did it literally the day after the north carolina vote speaks to the president's political courage. and i think it's leadership and what a president ought to do, to try to set a moral tone for the country. >> you think biden's more powerful than cheney? >> no, because -- i think it's more of an equal relationship in terms of experience in terms of substantive knowledge. i think vice president cheney had far more insights into washington and more experience dealing with congress than then governor bush did. >> let's talk about the impact of this decision on gay marriage in swing states. obviously you're from pennsylvania, you know it well.
1:20 pm
a lot of states have a prohibition of gay marriage. let's look it up on the map. colorado, florida, nevada, ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, recently north carolina. you ran for national -- statewide office in pennsylvania. how does this play in northampton county, bucks county, chester county, cambria county. how does that play there? >> i don't think it really matters. i think the people who are single issue voters and gay marriage are some members of the lgbt community and people who on the other side don't want to see gay marriage, those people who are dead set against it and are going to be singlish you're voters they were never voting for barack obama, they didn't vote for him in '08 and wouldn't vote for him in 20 tell. >> does this wake them up? evangelicals are not in love with mitt romney. a lot of folks on the right say this could get them to the ballot box. >> it's six months before the election. it's a prevailing view even
1:21 pm
though you have referendums all of the public opinion polls show that now the majority of americans have no problem with this. so, no, i don't think this is going to rile people up. by the way, i want to give credit to governor romney. i don't think he took advantage of it like the congressional republicans are trying to do. i think his statement that this issue, that this election should be fought out on mor important issues is correct. >> so you're saying that governor romney employed good leadership? >> yeah, i think he responded well. my hope is that he'll keep that up and the president will throughout this campaign, because as you know luke, you and i have discussed it, we're facing real serious challenges that will require almost an immediate response. that's what we should be debating. not gay marriage, not contraception, not any of those things. we should be focusing on the things that are crucial to the country's future. >> that sounds like a republican talking point, talking about the economy now and not gay marriage. >> i think it's a talking point
1:22 pm
for the president. i think the president did a good job. >> governor ed rendell from pennsylvania, thank you, sir, appreciate it. >> up next, obama's star studded hollywood fund-raiser. what it means beyond the expected record breaking $15 million one-night haul. the political briefing next. we love theme parks but with four kids, it can just be too expensive. yeah, so to save money we just made our own. oh no! what could be worse than ninety-foot swells?! typhoon! first prize! it's a cheese grater. wooooo... this isn't scary. are you kidding me? look at that picture of your mom's hair from the '80s. there's an easier way to save. wooohooo...
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sweet! [ male announcer ] the solid thunk of the door on the jetta. thanks, mister! [ meow ] [ male announcer ] another example of volkswagen quality. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 jetta for $159 a month. in today's politico briefing, the star-studded fund-raiser tonight expected to break a record $15 million. the majority of the money comes from ordinary folks who bought tickets in a raffle that would give them a chance to attend the event. joining me now is patrick gavin and patrick, $15 million, one fund-raiser, set as presidential record for a one and done deal. this is a pretty big deal when it comes to being all about the benjamin.
1:26 pm
>> it really s. i think what is most interesting is that the majority of the money was raised actually from this, from small donors who contributed because they would get put in this raffle to attend and meet george clooney and the president. so they got a lot of small donations. the tickets are $40,000 for about 150 guests. the whole thing that's interesting this very much was designed to be a very intimate small affair that all of these attendees would get hopefully face time but at the least a q and a so it's a ton of money but not a very big affair. >> yeah, but it's big in terms of the financial impact. i'm reading wolfgang puck is preparing a special meal, $40,000 a plate meal for 150 people. >> at george clooney's home, you got to go big when you're there. it's not going to be mcdonald's. >> go big or go home. in the politics of this, the rnc sending around this bite from
1:27 pm
2006, i want to play a bit and we'll come out on the other side about celebrity. >> one of the virtues ever celebrity is my fundraising capacity is higher just because i get a lot of attention, and so it's not entirely fair but i don't have to go and just work the phones now the way i had to do when i was an unknown candidate. >> so, the rnc is trying to make an issue out of this saying that obama's kind of what mccain said the biggest celebrity in the world. do you think something like this with george clooney plays into that or is george clooney moderate enough that is beloved by women give him enough saving grace? >> the republicans are right, obama is beloved by hollywood and most democratic presidents are. the fact of the matter there have been plenty of hollywood celebrities who have come out and criticized the president. we've seen harsh words from folks like matt damon. you played the last segment the clip with robin roberts talking
1:28 pm
about the timing of the president's comments on gay marriage. even though it seemed as if biden may have jumped the gun the timing couldn't have worked out better. now he's going into this fund-raiser as i said there will be this one-on-one time with donors and he's got this better reception now that he's come out in favor of gay marriage an issue that george clooney has been active on, rob reiner in california and another fund-raiser in l.a. on june 6 with a lot of gay supporters so the fact that it's happening now is going to work in their favor. lord knows that issue would come up tonight or on june 6. that could have been an awkward confrontation. >> a lot of awkward moments we'll be dissipating now. thank you. appreciate it. >> up next, house republicans hit back hard on same-sex marriage and still ahead, team romney has a reminder for moms. what's the matter?
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topping the headlines on "andrea mitchell reports" prosecutors in the johndwards trial are expected to call two to three more witnesses to the stand before resting their case. former edwards adviser jennifer p palmere said elizabeth was worried she would be alone without a man to love her. joe arpaio might be getting served. the justice department officials plan to sue the sheriff over allegations of civil rights violations. he has denied any racial profiling allegations connected to his officers. vladamir putin will be absent from the g-8 summit meeting this month. russian officials deny the decision is a snub at the united states or president obama. prime minister do me tree medvedev will go, surprising because russia tried for years to get in the g-8 to become an international player. the first time their president has missed since they were
1:33 pm
granted entry into the group in 1998. a bill co-sponsored by joe lieberman and peter king would make victims of the 2009 ft. hood shooting eligible for the purple heart. former army psychiatrist faces the death penalty for the shooting that killed 13 people. >> and celebrities are stepping up to help veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. make the transition back to civilian life. got your six brings brian williams among stars together to discuss how communities can help welcome soldiers back home. >> a pair of suicide bombings decimated part of the syrian capital in the middle of rush hour. the blast outside after military compound killed at least 55 people and wounded 400. the worst attack since the syrian uprising. how republicans had their own response to the president's support for same-sex marriage,
1:34 pm
an amendment passed wednesday night along party lines would stop the justice department from using federal taxpayer dollars to actively oppose the defense of marriage act. today speaker john boehner refused to dive into the debate. >> i believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. and the president and the democrats can talk about all this all they want. but the fact is the american people are focused on our economy and they are asking the question where are the jobs? >> let's bring our panel reed wilson from the "national journal" hotline and molly ball for the atlantic. welcome both of you. so speaker john boehner commented on it. said basically i want to talk about jobs. an hour and a half after this announcement not one single republican elected leader said anything significant about it. it seems like they are running away from it and wanted to talk about jobs, jobs, jobs. >> that's the thing.
1:35 pm
john boehner didn't really comment about it. in fact at the end of this press conference, this on camera briefing he said you know, i'm not talking about that, i'm go withing to stick to jobs and sort of walked off. i haven't seen a statement from eric cantor, from mitch mcconnell. i think this tells you a little about how far we've come on the gay marriage issue in aits years. in 2004 this was the kujle that the bush campaign used not only in ohio in 11 states they had measures on the ballot. eight years later not only has the president of the united states embraced this in an election year at the sorts of a critical moment when it might have been a political football but the republicans won't touch it. so i think this tells you a little about how we've changed as a country and how we sort of evolved ourselves. >> earlier on the show ed rendell credited mitt romney with not going for the jugular about this issue with president obama. seems they have all taken a step back on the gop side. >> absolutely. i think you may see republicans use this issue on a more subtly to energize the base and
1:36 pm
energize evangelicals and letting surrogates for that population do that but not going the do it again. i think they are not going to do it the way they would have eight years ago where it will be front and center and used as the the centerpiece of a campaign. they are going to want to talk about other things instead. and it's about signaling to sort of independent moderate voters who see this as a wedge issue and see it as distasteful in a way and want to think of themselves as tolerant, a lot of these people who don't, even if they don't support marriage support civil unions and are comfortable with gay people in a way that wasn't the case a decade ago. >> we here in the washington bubble have gone on about this issue head strong, it's all we talked about all over, we're going back through these pew polls, this issue gay marriage, ranks 18 out of 18 in terms of importance, dead last. the economy, gay marriage, 28. how much more system does this have or will we talk about it in the last few weeks in october
1:37 pm
november? >> i think we're talking about it now because it was an historic moment when the sitting president said that he was in favor of gay marriage. i don't think we'll talk about it next week. next week i don't know the war on seniors or whoever is next in the line that these campaigns go through as they are attacking various populations. gay marriage, it's just this -- once again become a sort of secondary issue, that people don't see as hugely important. even on the democratic side. a lot of people thought that president obama might not be finished evolving on this issue because he might face problems with his own base, but take a look at who in the democratic base is most against gay marriage, it's largely african-americans, those, that's the segment of the electorate that is most likely to stick with obama almost no matter what he comes out and says. >> but the timing of this i think is probably good for both sides because this is a time in the election cycle when you are focused on revving up your base, when you do want to, when the democrats you know, obama is talking to the people he wants
1:38 pm
to volunteer for his campaign and get mobilized and excited. and so for a lot of the liberal base, not necessarily a core constituency like african-americans but for a lot of them this is frezly emotionally exciting and the same on the republican side i think there may be social conservatives that romney was very much in the process of winning over who will be more -- they will be fired up and driven to him as well at a time when, again, both sides are working on consolidating. >> someone very out front on the gay marriage issue is san francisco's nancy pelosi, she said this earlier today talking about the base. >> yesterday was quite historic. president of the united states advancing civil rights. it was moving, it was historic, and it was a great day for our country. >> that fund raising letter pretty much writes itself. >> it has been written many, many times. i have several copies in my in box. >> the dscc, president obama's
1:39 pm
campaign waited six hours to send out their own letter. one of the things i think we learned is just how much lgtb activists asertded themselves. "washington post" estimated one in six obama donors are gay. not only a bigsh uin the democratic base and party but in the base that writes the checks. >> ultimate 50-50 issue. we won't know till november. >> breaking news out of connecticut where the fbi and local police have swarmed the home of a reputable or reputed mobster in search of evidence related to the largest art theft in history. nbc's pete williams is tracking developments. pete, as i read this, apparently there is some recommend brants buried in this gentleman's back yard? >> well, that's what they are trying to finds out. there is no indication of that but federal prosecutors have said they believe the man who lives at this house, robert
1:40 pm
gentile who is a convicted felon they said they think he has involvement with the theft of -- that goes back to 1990 t theft of 13 masterpieces by monet and from a museum in boston. his lawyer conditioned any connection. but fbi agents did bring ground penetrating radar and other equipment to his house and began to dig. and according to the government, they haven't -- well, all indications are i should say so far the search has been unproductive. gentile isn't there, he is 75, in jail on a charge of illegally obtaining painkillers awaiting trial. at a hearing on this case in april, one of the prosecutors said that federal agents have been talking to him about this art theft and that the fbi believes he had something to do with it. but so far they have not found any actual evidence of that. and his lawyer told "the washington post" last month that gentile, quote, doesn't know anything about art, he's never been to an art gallery in his
1:41 pm
life and couldn't tell a rembrandt from an elvis painting. >> pete, is this one of those issues the fbi followed out of boston like whitey bolger. it's not as big but seems to be one of these shall we say, pop culture type of stories. >> that's right. of course, the difference is that they knew whitey bolger had done bad things and were trying to find him. here this goes back to a notorious art theft, a brazen theft, two guys going into the art gallery on st. patrick's day in 1990, tying up the guards and making off with 13 master works in some cases cutting them from their frames. the museum has had for a long time a $5 million no questions asked reward for the return of these works. but there's been no sign of them since. why the fbi thinks mr. gentile might be involved has never been clear. and the only way we know they think he is involved because of a statement the prosecutor made. but of course, we've never seen efds of it and so far all indications are that the digging
1:42 pm
in his yard today hasn't turned up anything. >> well, we might see it in the mark wahlberg movie soon enough. thank you. appreciate it. >> coming up, all the single ladies, the voting bloc you'll be hearing a lot about between now and november. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ power surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. >> coming up on news nation t reverend al sharpton will talk about how president obama's decision is playing out with some african-american ministers and their congress gra gags. what is the talk in the black community, we'll find out. also, is it hype or real problem for the president. plus we'll talk about the headlines that have come out since the president's announcement. in addition to that, the president mentioned etch-a-sketch. we'll find out what he was
1:46 pm
talking about and how the president is slamming mitt romney's claim for taking credit for the auto bailout. mitt romney's mother's day gift to women voters. we'll play it for you. there is a new voting bloc emerging, single women are overtaking baby-boomers as the largest voting bloc in the upcoming election. and with all of the talk about contraception and abortion rights how will this affect a woman's choice at the polls? joining me is marisa kumar. thank you for being here. >> thank you, luke. >> we are quickly approaching mother's day weekend. congratulations you'll be celebrating next year. this new ad from the gop about the white house and women. let's play it. >> what does white house insider hilary rosen say about ann romney? guess what. his wife has never worked a day in her live. >> and bill mahr attacks. >> ann rom they has never gotten her [ bleep ] out of the house.
1:47 pm
>> happy mother's day from barack obama's team. >> a powerful ad there. obviously mitt romney lost a lot of standing in the gop did among independent women during that whole invasive procedure fight going on in virginia. does this ad resonate or is it too early in the cycle? >> i think they are trying to make the campaign about ann romney. she's not running. as we talked before i think a lot of folks wish she were. what this is talking about, the romney campaign is where married women versus single women were an issue. but in fact you have a lot of married women who are also working women. and they are -- their top of mind is whether the economy is doing well or not. especially a lot of the women are heads ever households. >> these are fascinating poll numbers. among married women voters mitt romney wins 47-43 when you go among unmarried
1:48 pm
women voters, president obama is 68 to mitt romney's 24. why the huge discrepancy among unmarried women voters? >> i think that may be a phony poll. the only reason, it's fuzzy math. the only reason i say it's fuzzy math, most married women are quite after flunlt. it's not surprising that mitt romney is winning among the more affluent folks. it would be interesting to look at the poll. how many of working moms and how many are working women earning less than $100,000. that's where we start talking about socio-economics. and when you start looking at married versus single women there are far more, the trend, to be a single working woman than for them to be married. >> the suburbs in swing states have a lot of married women. you have to do better there to win outside of cincinnati, outside of charlotte? though those are the women that helped him. >> when you start looking at the culture issues that keep
1:49 pm
bubbling up on the republican side, when you starts talking about women's choice, that happened in virginia, in texas, that's when they start losing. the the republicans start losing. as long as the republicans continue along this cultural warfare with the emerging vote of not only young women and single mothers but also increasingly the youth vote and diverse vote that's where they start losing. what you shu should be talking about, the economy. >> real quickly putting the gop, the romney campaign trying to put a nicer face on this. ann romney editorial coming out. she goes women mayor many hats many hats in their lives. daughter, sister, student, breadwinner. no matter where we are one has we don't take off is motherhood. there is no crown more glorious. the whole country reads this. does this help the romney campaign? does this resonate? does this turn out the voters? >> i think they have to do more.
1:50 pm
there is something beautiful about motherhood but a lot of these women that she's talking about are not stay at home moms. a lot are not only but heads of households because their husbands have lost their jobs. they would be better served talking to them about the economy. >> the largest voting bloc, bigging than the babyboomers. >> single women, young voters and the diverse voters. >> new day in america. thank you so much for being here. what political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? that's next. is this what we're doing now? don't get me wrong, i love the french. french fries i love, french kissing. they lost me at the french press. i don't want a plunger anywhere near my coffee. not in my house. with maxwell house french roast, you just sit back and you let gravity do the work. right? i hate to ask... [ male announcer ] the rich, bold flavor of maxwell house french roast. always good to the last drop.
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including on your sports network, which is lovely. which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? msnbc contributor and managing editor, chris cillizza joins me again. and we just were listening to the control room, an interview between rick santorum and mike huckabee. rick santorum was talking about his relationship with mitt romney he said and, quote, i've always been this way in my political career and i know you know how difficult it is. and you laid it out in terms of reconciliation. they see you as being beaten up by somebody else and it is hard, you sort of get used to it and that's part of the deal. it was a bruising campaign. a pretty negative campaign. rick santorum, he gave that tepid endorsement of romney at 11:00 two nights ago. still some animosity there. >> yeah, luke. if you had any doubt which you should not, that rick santorum has not fallen in love with mitt
1:55 pm
romney's presidential candidacy after that endorsement that came out after everybody was going to bed a few nights ago. this just reaffirms it. everyone likes to cast themselves as professionals. this is like a basketball game. what happens on the court and what happens off the court are different. of course your family takes it personally. this was highly negative against rick santorum and it is natural that it is taking him some time to get over it. >> thank you so much for joining us. mitt romney in north carolina tomorrow. santorum encouraging him to talk about gay marriage. we expect he probably will. i'm luke russert. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." >> good to see you. president obama will be arriving in seattle for that west coast fundraising swing including as you know, dinner with mr. clooney at his home. also the reverend al sharpton will join me to talk about how president obama's decision to support same sex marriage is playing out today with some african-american ministers and their congregation. plus, the president stands on
1:56 pm
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and definitely part of the family. we're so lucky that lucy picked us. [ female announcer ] purina cat chow complete. always there for you. the "news nation" is following what leading democrats call a republican push to tie the president's hands on marriage equality. the gop has hit back with two measures designed to limit same sex marriage rights. last night the house voted to block the obama administration from using taxpayer funds to fight the defense of marriage act which the president stopped defending last year. the house armed services committee also advanced a american that you are would ban same sex marriage on military bases. and republicans in congress are not the only once pushing back. mitt romney not only came out to talk about his opposition to same sex marriage but they also stood by the federal


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